Wow! My 3 month journey is coming to an end! I’m getting organized for my flight to Australia where I will spend 2 weeks before returning to Vancouver at the end of March! In the meantime, I’ve been connecting via phone and Skype sessions which I will continue to arrange by email apart from March 14th – 18th when I am partaking in a Bana Kuma retreat!

I was introduced to Bana Kuma last January when I partook in the event on the Big Island of Hawaii. 

What is the Bana Kuma? It’s actually not an easy thing to describe. If I called it dance or music camp, it just wouldn’t cut it. 

Bana Kuma is an African word that means sacred altering.

According to Hawaii-based composer and multi-instrumentalist who runs the retreat, Chris Berry: “the ‘Bana Kuma’ refers to our ability to make thoughts manifest into reality, or to create – a gift we all possess as humans. You are a self sovereign beings born with the choice to choose your own path towards your highest self.”

So it’s a few days or week-long intentional village where each participant is encouraged to empower their life’s intentions. In other words, through African dance and rhythm people tune in to all layers of themselves on the deepest level.

We might ask ourselves questions like:

Am I living my greatest path?

Am I clear on the best direction for me?

What feelings am I carrying with me through my days … Frustration? Disconnection? Loss? 

It’s chance to guide our Self into our greatest joy and consider where we may not be feeling our joy this in our day-to-day lives.

I’m excited. And with that fresh inspiration in my bones I will be landing back in Vancouver, spending Sunday’s once again in my warm, cozy office nest in Kits. I’ve worked it out to be back in the office April 1st if you’d like to join me to share where things are at for you, just email me back to book an appointment!

I am sharing all of this because I truly believe that every one of us can choose to anchor our “real”, “genuine”, “true” Self more fully into our daily lives (whether we are attending events like Bana Kuma or not) and until we feel that we can really be ourselves in daily life, we must practice stretching our perceptions, exploring our reality as we know it … and, of course, giving ourselves the gift of comfort and ease as we so often need that too.

Life is short. Too short, really, to spend on activities that drain rather than inspire. Counselling can help us by guiding us to re-vision and realign ourselves in our lives. I believe it because I’ve experienced it myself and I continue to learn how I can be there in a more honest and real way so that others can do the same.

Opening up to all of who we are is a self-initiation … but I will be there if you’d like an Anam Cara, soul friend.