Ever feel like you want to be more free? 

We’re less than a week a way from Winter Solstice, the longest day of the year, which mythologically is a time when we uncover the darkness of our inner world. As 2017 comes to a close, our natural tendency is to turn within and reflect on all the wisdom that we have received this year, including what to own and what to leave behind. 

As you know, I was living in Saskatoon for a bit and now I’m back in BC. Over the last few months, I’ve had a more open schedule which has afforded me more time than usual in deep reflection. Some of the inner gold surfacing for me has been around what might seem like one of the most wildest of concepts in today’s fast-paced world of technology and social media – to make decisions from inner guidance. 

Shadow Work

I’ve been reading a book called “The Dark Side of the Light Chasers” by Debbie Ford. She says that your life will be transformed when you make peace with your shadow: “You will no longer have to pretend to be someone you’re not. You will no longer have to prove you’re good enough. When you embrace your shadow you will no longer have to live in fear. Find the gifts of your shadow and you will final revel in all the glory of your true self”. 

What is the shadow? Jung first coined the term, describing the shadow as “the person you would rather not be”. In other words, any parts of your personality that you have rejected, perhaps out of fear, shame, ignorance, or lack of love. Of course, there is a reason why we suppress some feelings or impulses. If you act on every one of your impulses, you may find your whole life becoming a debacle, hurting yourselves and others! 

But the danger in locking up all your impulsive thoughts and desires, never letting those thoughts or fantasies ever fully play out in your mind, is that you may be locking up your passion too. 

If we deny our ugliness, we lessen our beauty. 

You have no choice but to forgive yourself for not being perfect. Within you lives every human emotion and every impulse. Part of our true purpose in life is to explore within ourselves and uncover the qualities of our being that we have closed down due to social expectations. We get to decide which elements are worth breathing life back into!

My Latest Practice

Have you tried a mindfulness meditation practice? Sometimes it’s difficult to convince yourself to get on that meditation cushion, but I find music helps get me started. Lately, I’ve been listening to Prosad’s Eternal Flute. It truly calms my nervous system and invites me to feel a sense of the dreaminess of life. Full disclosure, the music was written by my husband, but I really am transported by it! https://prosad.bandcamp.com/track/eternal-flute

We are allowed to live and dance in our own rhythms and it is, in fact, our greatest responsibility to live a life full of heart. Find your heart’s desires and OWN THEM. Only then will you feel that you can be all of you and move freely from your inner guidance. If it’s a desire to extend the space and time around grief and/or celebration … slow down and make the time!

If you haven’t been to counselling for awhile, I’d love to see you, to get curious about your feelings and explore the part within you that feels.  

No matter how you celebrate, I hope this season is filled with introspection, rest, joy …  and maybe a little more of you!