Are you wondering how you can be more loving and accepting of yourself? Curious if counselling is for you? 

Only you know what’s best for you. You can ask me any questions at all about my therapeutic approach and you always have the right to end sessions at any time, no questions asked.

I draw from a blend of therapeutic modalities in order to honour your unique needs, primarily drawing on Relational, Mindfulness-based approaches and Depth Psychology. You do not need to know what any of this means (unless you want to)! You also do not need to be in crisis or have past trauma to work with a therapist.

​I have thorough training in Mindfulness and Dreamwork and am currently certifying as a Focusing-oriented Therapist. From the Focusing perspective, you are a whole and competent person who will find creative ways to resolve problems through little steps of change when you are really listened to and understood exactly. 
I enjoy weaving together my understanding of human physiology, psychology and spirituality to approach counselling and healing in a holistic and integrated way.

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