When I say Bliss I do not mean only happiness. Bliss is a freedom that we can experience sometimes in the midst of other really unpleasant emotions. It’s a moment of expansion beyond our usual patterns. When I dance, I feel bliss. Maybe not right away; if you struggle letting go and getting into it, I suggest you just simply shake first. You may need to shake it out for 20 minutes. Maybe you only shake today. It’s all the same. But when you hit that place of freedom where you have let go of anything that you are no longer needing to hang onto from the day/week/month/year, you know that you have the most powerful medicines available ~ movement, music and connection.

I love this quote from Jalaja’s book “The Serpent and the Wave” about women’s journeys with kundalini and the power of dance and movement: “To lose oneself in the rapture of movement and enter states of trance or ecstasy is quite natural. Children do so all the time and in their play rediscover the most ancient ways of altering consciousness. Movement meditation is a conscious continuation of this journey into our bodies, into ourselves”.