Usually in the therapy room, you will just find our conversation flowing … but occasionally I tell you something about the approach I’m using.
I draw from many places, but I have been quite deeply influenced by the philosophy of Eugene Gendlin after taking some Focusing trainings 5 years ago. As soon as I experienced it, I immediately felt the depth of understanding, and sweet simplicity, that this approach holds.
I am so excited to have recently initiated a 2-year certification training in Focusing-Oriented Therapy!
While most Western psychotherapies are pain centered and require people to re-live painful stories, Focusing offers us a path through the pain, by offering a way to allow the body’s own inherently positive direction and force to move us. It’s work, but not in the way that we lose touch with what is pleasant.
I will be exploring the philosophy more deeply as I truly love the honesty that presents itself as we practice listening more closely to the felt-sense of the body. I look forward to how increasing my skill in this way translates to even more heart in the session hour.


Here’s a video of Gendlin himself to give you a ‘Sense’ of it 😉