Would you like to set intentions in your home or work space for more love, ease and beauty?
I was reflecting on a practice that would be fun to share and decided to offer you a few simple tips on Creating an alter ♡
The first thing to do isgather some items that feel sacred to you. That could mean a Buddha or Goddess statue, but could also be rocks or stones, candles, incense, something with colours you love, or my personal favorite ~ a photo or photos of a person or people you love!
Choose a special space. Even if it’s just a corner in your living room, make it a special space by moving any objects that don’t bring you joy out of the way. Clear the space with sage, palo santo or incense.
Arrange your items with intention. Hold each item and ensure it brings you a felt sense of joy before intuitively placing it somewhere that is appealing to you. You can always reposition it, but most importantly, pay attention to how it feels to create; notice if your mind is soothed by the act of creation.
Finally, commit to tending your inner world andvisit your sacred alter each morning or night, light a candle and pay attention to your breath for at least 5 mins.
(The word sacred does not have to be considered religious. Instead, if Sacred means “having something to do with Holiness”, and “Holy” means “revered” than you can think of the word sacred as an indication of special Intention).